DFMi (offshore insurance products)


Important Notes


Outside of Australia, Newport Private Wealth work exclusively with offshore financial advisers and their expatriate client's existing offshore products. Newport Private Wealth are NOT licensed or regulated in jurisdictions outside of Australia such as the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States and the United Kingdom for example. We do not work with, and can not be appointed to advise on products domiciled within these jurisdictions.


At present, we only provide our model portfolio services though life insurance companies & platform providers in the Isle of Man & Guernsey that have approved and authorised us as a platform model portfolio provider.


We do not provide financial advice in relation to the commencement of contractual savings plans/life policies, offshore trusts, offshore pensions and pension transfers. Newport Private Wealth are a portfolio adviser only. You should consult your licensed financial adviser in relation to these and other areas of international wealth management and advice.



DFMi = multi-asset risk-profiled model portfolios for regular premium investment-linked life insurance policies


DFMp = multi-asset risk profiled model portfolios for Isle of Man and Guernsey domiciled platforms CLICK HERE


Newport provides model portfolio services for policy/account holders of Isle of Man & Guernsey based life policies & platforms. This service combines the asset allocation and fund management skills of Momentum Global Investment Management Ltd with the fund research and portfolio construction skills of Newport.


The DFM is an ideal solution for international financial advisers looking to outsource the management of their expatriate client portfolios to a dedicated investment management team with the appropriate knowledge and experience. The DFM is an established service that has been managing money on behalf of financial advisers for over 10 years and is available for both single and regular investment plans.


The DFMi Framework



We provide Cautious, Balanced, Growth and High Growth model portfolios with US Dollar, Sterling and Euro base currencies.


Insurance Companies

The DFMi service is currently available for offshore regular premium investment-linked life policies offered by:


  • Old Mutual International (Isle of Man)

  • Friends Provident International (Isle of Man)

  • Hansard International (Isle of Man)

  • RL360 International (Isle of Man)




The DFMp service offers risk profiled model portfolios via the following platforms:


  • Momentum Wealth International (MWI) - Guernsey

  • Capital International Group (CIG) - Isle of Man (subject to demand)

CLICK HERE to be taken to the DFMp Model Portfolios