DFMi (offshore insurance products)

Step 1

Client Objectives

Step 2

Asset Allocation

Step 3

Investment Selection

Understanding Your Investment Objectives


Personal consultation is the cornerstone of any investment mandate. Newport will only structure a portfolio after considering your investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances.


Active Management Approach


Market indices, or ‘benchmarks’ as they are often called, reflect the performance of all investments making up that index. We believe the dynamic nature of investment markets enables us to add value in the markets we operate in, and therefore we seek to achieve investment returns above those of the relevant market indices for the active funds we manage.


Disciplined Methodology


We manage portfolios across a range of different investment styles. In each case we believe our role is not to avoid risk, but rather to understand the relationship between risk and reward and to manage risk appropriately, relative to the objectives of the portfolio. We select investments and construct our portfolios in a disciplined manner, with an emphasis on identifying and controlling risk. We avoid speculation and our processes ensure our portfolios are appropriately diversified.


Investment Strategy Summary


The process involves understanding the specific objectives and risk aversions of each individual client. A tailored portfolio of funds is then constructed to meet that clients objectives and is then managed on an ongoing basis. As your specific objectives and risk aversions change over time we adjust your portfolio to match those changes.


The overall investment selection process is a “top down” approach using “tactical asset allocation”. The overriding premise behind this approach is that asset allocation is of crucial importance if investment objectives are to be achieved, and that these asset allocation decisions are determined by the current global macro economic environment.


The second tier investment selection process focuses on investing in the best performing “qualified” investments that meet the objectives of the asset allocation process.