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Individually Managed Accounts (IMAs) are individual accounts/portfolios managed to the particular investment goals and objectives of each investor. Like SMAs, IMAs provide investors with direct beneficial ownership of their portfolios that can either be built and managed on a bespoke basis or be positioned in line with our multi-asset model portfolios.


Our IMA service brings with it some significant benefits:


  • A personalised service from a personal portfolio manager

  • The investment mandate can be customised to suit the particular investment objectives of the investor. This includes the individual risk, income, and return objectives of the investor

  • Access to our Investment Philosophy & Global Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy

  • There is no embedded tax liability within an IMA structure and investors do not realise tax consequences as others enter or leave the scheme

  • Investors can import an existing portfolio without liquidating positions and potentially incurring capital gains tax consequences

  • Investors may terminate the manager and leave the scheme without being forced to liquidate the positions and incur a tax event

  • Investors may restrict or exclude transactions or holdings in specific securities

  • Transparency in structure allows assessment of the manager’s transactions, holdings, tax efficiency, fees & expenses, and sources of return

  • We can liaise with your SMSF advisers for tax / compliance

  • Regular market updates

  • Access to Private Equity investments not available to the general public

  • Regular access to your portfolio via an online portal


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