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Unregistered Managed Investment Schemes ("Funds")

Newport is authorised to act as the trustee for unregistered (wholesale) managed investment schemes or "funds". We provide trustee services to investment managers targeting wholesale and institutional clients. We assist in the establishment of the Fund via the trust deed, enter into investment management agreements and agreements with service providers where necessary, and approve and issue the information memorandum. Where we are providing incidental custody services we will open and manage the trust bank account.

Newport will...

  • Act as trustee and incidental custodian (where necessary) for wholesale funds

  • Appoint and supervise the Investment Manager, Administrator, Auditor, Valuer etc. as required

  • Approve and issue the offer document (Information Memorandum)

  • Execute all documents in relation to the fund

  • Ensure that the fund is managed in accordance with the Trust Deed and Information Memorandum

  • Ongoing investor relations and registry

The following unregistered managed investment schemes are open to wholesale investors only

Ripley View Income Fund - Information Memorandum

Seneca Australian Small Companies Fund - Information Memorandum

Praetorian Contrarian Fund - Information Memorandum

Praetorian Strategic Income Fund - Information Memorandum

Candour Alternative Income Fund - Information Memorandum

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